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Euro Chip Distribution is an independent distributor of electronic components and boasts a specialised team

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We are open mind and focused on the “win-win” situation.​

About Us

Euro Chip Distribution was founded by three young people with experience in the supply of electronic goods, communications and resource management.

The company started off as an independent distributor of electronic components and boasts a specialised team, which has gained experience in this field by working closely with Italian and foreign leaders in the electronics distribution sector.

Over the last 15 years our team has gained a firm foothold in the field of electronics and it has carefully cultivated national and international relationships.

We currently have a large number of key contacts who work for franchises and authorised distributors in every continent. This has allowed us to develop a thorough understanding of the global electronics markets.

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Why choose us?

There is no greater reward than being contacted by one of our satisfied customers!
This happens because friendship lies at the core of the way we do business! This is why we are constantly in close contact with our friends-customers and friends-suppliers; several key contacts which have been meticulously cultivated over the years.

This policy, which we have adhered to over the last 15 years, has led us today to boast several partnerships and national and international authorised distributors. This is how we are able to offer you a vast assortment of Items in stock at the best market prices.


Thanks to our deeply rooted presence in the electronics market, we are aware of how often our customers need to source parts that are difficult to find and, to make matters worse, also have long delivery times.


Once a month we will send you a list of electronic components recently us purchase; and since they are still to upload stocked on our databases, they will be offered to you bulk, with prices reduced by up to 3 times the market price.


Euro Components Distribution S.R.L

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We are open mind and focused on the “win-win” situation.

Euro Chip Distribution is delighted to be supporting your business.