Excess stock management

Euro Chip Distribution offers numerous solutions for your stock of excess electronic components.

We will help you come up with the most suitable strategy to convert your excess stock into cash.

Get in touch with us to see which solution best meets your needs.

purchase@chipdistribution.com – (+39) 06/56558985


Bulk purchase

You can send us a list of the electronic components you no longer have a use for. We will inspect it carefully, evaluate it honestly and buy in bulk.

Purchase of single components

We are able to sell single components that have been lying idly in your warehouse to thousands of manufacturers, distributors, merchants and brokers around the world, giving you an excellent economic return.

Complete management of your surplus materials

You will continue to own your surplus materials, but they will be managed directly by our offices. We will form a partnership of sorts, quickly arranging sales to third parties on your behalf.

Each month you will receive a detailed report on your excess stock sold by us and your share of the proceeds (based on a previously negotiated percentage of the product price).

Grabbing opportunities

Many companies do not realise that electronic components lying around in warehouses are subject to deterioration (if not stored properly) and can lose the interest of “EMS” providers*, since these cannot use materials over three years old.

This also generates a warehouse loss.

For years our team has worked with all those companies that do not have time to manage warehouse stocks, and rely on us to sell the electronic components lying idle in stock.

Whether it is a few items or entire warehouses, you can consider us as an extension of your firm

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