Broker Service

Every day Euro Chip Distribution helps many companies that urgently need to find electronic components.

They may be obsolete electronic components, or electronic components that take a long time to arrive. Or you may simply be looking for a better market price.

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The supply network that Euro Chip Distribution puts at your disposal is made up of partnerships with independent distributors, manufacturers scattered around the world and authorized distributors offering discounts.

Grabbing opportunities

Buying electronic components in the free market is like entering a jungle, where it is easy to come across counterfeit, defective or damaged parts, unsoldered components and fraudulent behaviour. A scenario rife with ill-intentioned people speculating on businesses’ need to urgently find electronic components.

Thanks to its experience with raw materials and supply networks, Euro Chip Distribution knows how to work in the free market, ALWAYS guaranteeing new, original products, taking on the risks directly and ALWAYS offering you a warranty for the product purchased.