Terms of E.C.D.


These terms and conditions of sale have been drafted in accordance with DIRECTIVE 2005/29/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 11 May 2005.

These terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed. If the EU directive does not correspond to these terms and conditions (below), the latter take precedence.
These conditions apply to the following company:
Euro Chip Distribution S.R.L.
Via Quirino Majorana 203
00152 Roma
P.IVA / C.F: 15215431006


Euro Chip Distribution will try to provide you with the price* of the requested item (please send us the international P/N) within 24/48hours;

The request must be filled in in the relevant section: https://www.chipdistribution.com/rfq

2a. The quoted price will be valid for 48h. Euro Chip Distributionis under no OBLIGATION to RESERVE the quoted component.

2b. The price does not include VAT, transport costs, customs fees, and is therefore net of any tax; Any other expense will be fully borne by the buyer.


Once the buyer has accepted the price the buyer must send an order*. Euro Chip Distribution will confirm the order by issuing an invoice within 24/48 hours.

3a. Euro Chip Distribution reserves the right to refuse to accept orders under €100.

3b. If no carrier is specified in the order Euro Chip Distribution will use DHL for national and international shipments, adding the cost to the invoice.
3c. The components will be shipped in bulk; there will be no partial shipments.


Euro Chip Distribution’s items* are all guaranteed for 120 days from the invoice issue date; purchased goods may only be returned if the materials do not correspond to the original characteristics declared by the parent company.

4a. Items manufactured before 2005 are not covered by guarantee.


Once the invoice has been sent to the buyer the latter must pay for the goods within 24 hours, under penalty of invoice cancellation. Once payment has been received Euro Chip Distribution will hand over the goods to the courier within 24/48 hours.

5a. The buyer must pay for the first three purchases in advance; following purchases may be paid on receipt of goods (within a maximum of three days). For orders over €2000: 50% in advance and 50% on receipt of goods.
5b.Exclusively for our partners is given the possibility of payment within 10 days from receipt of the good


The payment options available are:
PayPal (+3% commission): The email address will be indicated in the relative invoice
Bank Transfer: IT08.E030.69391401.0000.000.8370


The goods return procedure must be accepted by Euro Chip Distribution, who will issue a “specific termination form”; goods can only be returned, without exceptions, if the materials to not correspond to the characteristics provided by the parent company. Goods must be returned at the buyer’s own expense.

7a. For goods returned due to electronic faults Euro Chip Distribution reserves the right to hand over the returned component to its partner, which will carry out electrical tests on the part, thus determining the extent of the defect; as indicated in the following page: https://www.chipdistribution.com/en/anti-counterfeiting/
7b. If Euro Chip Distribution deems the return to be unjustified, Euro Chip Distribution reserves the right to withhold between five (5%) and twenty (20%) percent of the price of the returned goods (details contained in the “Specific Return Form”).
7c. The buyer must declare to Euro Chip Distribution that the returned product is the same one purchased from Euro Chip Distribution. If this is not the case Euro Chip Distribution will withhold 100% of the invoiced amount; the entire amount will be withheld if the functionality of the product has been compromised.
such behaviour will be reported to the compentent authorities
7d. If Euro Chip Distribution accepts a return due to “materials not matching the characteristics of the parent company” the amount invoiced and paid to Euro Chip Distribution will be reimbursed in full within 14 days (time needed for analysis).
7e.Further details are indicated in the “specific termination form”


Euro Chip Distribution shall do everything it can to ensure that delivery times are met. However, it shall not be held financially liable for late deliveries. Therefore, Euro Chip Distribution shall in no way be held responsible for any damages incurred, whether directly or indirectly, by the buyer or any third parties.


 Any data provided to Euro Chip Distribution will be used solely for order processing purposes and will not be used for any other purpose. Therefore, it is hereby declared that all the data provided for this purpose is real. Calls are recorded for technical monitoring purposes.