Quality Guarantee

When you buy from Euro Chip Distribution you are protected by our warranty:

– Euro Chip Distribution provides its in-stock products with a 365-day warranty.

– Thanks to our commitment and attention to detail in choosing suppliers, we can guarantee all products in the stocks of our business partners with a warranty going from 90 days (minimum) to up to 365 days.

– The free market is a minefield when you are looking for trusty components, that is why with our risk minimization programs we offer a 30-day warranty for products coming from the free market.

ESD-safe program

Euro Chip Distribution believes that quality and attention to detail make the difference. This is why we have developed the ESD-safe program: ensuring optimal storage conditions for our in-stock products.


Euro Chip Distribution deals exclusively in NEW and ORIGINAL products. All Euro Chip Distribution products in stock are from OEM and EMS companies and authorized suppliers.