Terms of eco

These sales conditions were reported paying attention to DIRECTIVE 2005/29 / EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 11 May 2005.
These terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed. If the EU directive does not correspond to these terms and conditions (below), the latter take precedence.

These conditions are subject to the company:
Euros Components Distribution S.R.L (below peak “E.C.D. LTD”)
Via Ettore Majorana 147
00145 Rome (ITALY)
Tel: 06 56558985 Mail: “info@chipdistribution.com”

    The E.C.D. LTD will try to provide you with the price * of the item (communicating to us the Interantional P / N) you requested, within 24 hours / 48h;
    The request must be completed in a specific section: “www.chipdistribution.com/rqs”

1a * The listing price will be valid for 48h. This DOES NOT REQUIRE E.C.D. LTD RESERVING the listed component.
1b * The price does not include VAT, transport costs, customs fees, it is therefore intended to be net of any tax; Any other expense will be fully borne by the buyer.

  1. ORDER

Once the price has been accepted, the buyer must send the order *, which will be confirmed by E.C.D. LTD

by issuing the invoice, which will take place within 24/48 hours.

2a * The eco reserves the right not to accept orders below € 100.

2b * In the case where the order is not present there the carrier, the E.C.D. LTD will use GLS for shipments

domestic and DHL for international shipments, charging the cost on the invoice.

2c * the quantity of the component will be completely processed; so not broken.


The articles * of E.C.D. LTD , they are all guaranteed for 120 days from the invoice issue date; “; The return of the purchased good is foreseen only and exclusively for material that does not respond to the original characteristics, declared by the parent company.

3a * Articles prior to 2005 are not covered by warranty.

  1. PAYMENT Once the invoice has been sent to the buyer, the latter will undertake to pay for the goods within 24 hours; under penalty of cancellation of the invoice. Once payment has been received, the E.C.D. LTD will deliver the goods to the courier within 24 hours.

4a * for the first 5 purchases the buyer must pay in advance, while for subsequent orders he will have to pay only 50% in advance; the remainder on receipt of goods, but only for orders less than 2000 €.

    The types of payment accepted are bank transfer or PayPal (+ 2% commission):
    Bank transfer: IBAN IT08E0306939140100000008370 BIC BCITITMM
    PayPal: info@eurochipdistribution.com
    The return procedure must be accepted by E.C.D .; by issuing the “specific withdrawal form”; The yield of the well is planned exclusively for material that does not have characteristics of the parent company.
    Return of the goods at your own expense.

4a * In the case of returned goods with reasons relating to faulty electronic functions, the E.C.D. LTD reserves the right to entrust the returned component to its affiliated center, which will test the part electrically; determining the extent of the defect.
4b * If the E.C.D. LTD believes that the return is not justified, the E.C.D. LTD reserves the right to withhold from five (5%) to twenty (20%) percent of the price of returned goods (details specified at the “Specific Return Form”
4c * The buyer declares to E.C.D. LTD, that the product delivered is bought at the same E.C.D. s.r.l., in case it is not, the E.C.D. LTD will retain 100% of the turnover amount; It will be deducted the full amount in the event that the product functionality has been compromised
4d * In the E.C.D. case LTD accept the return for “material that does not have characteristics of the parent”; liquidation of the sum corresponding to the bill paid to E.C.D. LTD will be reimbursed in full within 30 days.

The E.C.D. LTD works hard to ensure that delivery times are respected, but is not financially responsible for late deliveries.
Thus the E.C.D. LTD it is not in any case responsible for damages, direct or indirect, towards the purchaser or to third parties.

All data provided to E.C.D. LTD will be used for purposes related to the sale, and will not be used for other purposes or purposes, therefore it is declared that all the data provided for this purpose are real.